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Wow! superpowers?

AI IS MY FRIEND is a movement to democratize Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We have no borders, although our HQ is in France, known as: IA c’est mon dada.

Our mission is to help anybody develop superpowers thanks to AI, through:

❶ the acculturation of ALL, with or without technical skills ;

❷ the training of those who wish to develop new skills ;

❸ consulting missions for companies to design solutions with a user-centered approach.

The public audience can attend our courses in Paris and soon in e-learning from anywhere.

We support companies from start to end on their AI project, from identifying the needs to software development, including the training of their teams to develop new skills.

Our ecosystem to democratize AI



on business expertise and solutions to

innovate with AI

a place: MATRICE

this innovation laboratory, dedicated to digital and AI, hosts our Public events in Paris

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Passionated trainers

generalists or specialized

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