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What is Machine Learning?

To get a handle on the buzz words used when chatting about Machine Learning a subset of Artificial Intelligence which focuses on the ability of machines to receive a set of data and learn for themselves from data they are processing, here is a simple non-technical explanation for the common …Read More

Profile PhotoHamed ZITOUN4 November 2020

How to train a Machine to recognize handwritten numbers in a picture (or anything else for that matter)

Recognizing hand written numbers In this post, I will explain how to use Machine Learning to build a piece of software that is able to recognize handwritten numbers. I will also explain what other applications this could have for you and your business. This being said, I will not go into …Read More

Profile PhotoCamilo Rodriguez3 November 2020

What are Neural Networks and what they are for?

Neural Networks are at the core of Artificial Intelligence. They are used by organisations around the world to innovate, automate tasks and to become more competitive. In this article I will explain in plain terms and without any mathematics or technical terms what they are and how you can use them to innovate in …Read More

Profile PhotoCamilo Rodriguez3 November 2020

The boring but amazing truth behind artificial intelligence

Fear and admiration for AI Since my childhood, I was fascinated by artificial intelligence. I’ve read almost all of the novels by my all-time favorite author, Isaac Asimov, who invented the Three Laws of Robotics: A robot cannot injure a human being or, by its inaction, allow a human being …Read More

Profile PhotoCamilo Rodriguez30 October 2020
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