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Design your career in AI

Are you wondering if you can play a role in Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Yes, everyone can take part in this revolution, with or without technical skills! So what are the possibilities and which one suits you best? Thanks to our team of coaches specializing in AI and career management, our unique methodology and the collective intelligence of the group, you will build with a personal diagnosis and an action plan to start your career in AI.

AUDIENCE: All those who wish to find their professional path in AI: student looking for a job, person in professional switch, employee who wants to develop a new scope of work, entrepreneur who wants to use AI for business…


    Please plan to arrive a few minutes early.
    Please have a computer that you can install software on, with Chrome browser and a Gmail account.
    The next available session (date, time, method of face-to-face participation or webinar) is displayed under the blue button “take this training”.

    If no session is offered, contact us via the page: Contact.
    Beforehand, read the Internal regulations
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: info@iamondada.com


    Have prepared your career for the Artificial Intelligence revolution.

    Alone we go fast, together we go further! The best of collective intelligence and coaching come together in this workshop, to help guide and support you.


    • Understand the impact of AI on society and the future of work.
    • Do a personal assessment to get to know yourself better and define your aspirations on AI.
    • Project yourself into the future by discovering different professional paths in AI, and imagine among all these options, which will be yours.
    • Build your action plan to dig a track and test your future profession of superhero (ïne) of the IA.


    This training is open to ALL those seeking a professional path in AI. No need for prior knowledge.


    • This practical 6-hour workshop is offered in person in Paris, in the 15th arrondissement, generally on Saturdays from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm with breaks, including one for lunch which is not provided.
    • The realization of this workshop is conditional on the participation of a minimum of 8 people per session and limited to 12 to ensure that everyone participates actively.
    • The next available session (date, time) is displayed under the blue button “take this training”. If no session is offered, contact us via the page: Contact.
    • You will need to contact us before the workshop: your expectations, your result of this test https://www.16personalities.com as well as your LinkedIn profile or a CV.
    • Please plan to arrive a few minutes early. Practical access information will be communicated to you on this page, after your registration.
    • You do not need any specific material for this training.
    • Before registering, if you wish to discuss your training needs, please formulate them from form accessible from this link
    • For any request for information, especially for people with disabilities, please consult us via the page: Contact.


    • Share your profile with the coach before starting the workshop.
    • Find out what impact AI has on our society and the future of work.
    • Do your personal ASSESSMENT to find out where you stand.
    • Create your decision COMPASS from your “why” and your values.
    • Identify your FLOWs to analyze what you like.
    • MIND MAPEZ your desires to explore the field of possibilities.
    • Discover the FIELDS of AI thanks to our skills sheets.
    • Imagine 3 AI career PLANS with key steps to succeed.
    • List your ASSUMPTIONS, questions and doubts.
    • Define S.M.A.R.T actions to validate / invalidate your assumptions.


    This training was co-designed by Matthieu Sabourin , for the methodology and the coaching tools, and Halszka de Breza , for the contents on Artificial Intelligence.

    Course Curriculum

    Share your profile 00:00:00
    Tes attentes 00:00
    Le résultat de ton test de personnalité 00:00
    Ton profil LinkedIn 00:00
    Training material Impact of AI on our society and our jobs 01:00:00

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