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Discover Artificial Intelligence

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Discover the different types of Artificial Intelligence (AI), how and why it is used by companies and what benefits it brings. Build your own AI capable of classifying images, thus you will experience the different stages of a project. Learn how to identify the skills and tools necessary to build an AI.

AUDIENCE: Manager wishing to acquire a knowledge base to initiate AI projects.

AI for all: No coding required.


    Please plan to arrive a few minutes early.
    Please have a computer that you can install software on, with Chrome browser and a Gmail account.
    The next available session (date, time, method of face-to-face participation or webinar) is displayed under the blue button “take this training”.

    If no session is offered, contact us via the page: Contact.
    Beforehand, read the Internal regulations
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: info@iamondada.com


    • Be prepared for the turn of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a one step ahead of others.
    • Become a force of proposal to integrate AI into your business activity or startup.


    • Understand the difference between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).
    • Discover how AI is used today by companies to gain competitiveness.
    • Know how to lead an AI project from A to Z, to understand, through a practical case: the steps, skills and resources needed.
    • Understand how to analyze machine learning model error and minimize it.
    • Acquire a global vision of the market offer and the AI ​​ecosystem.
    • Discover disciplines related to the success of your AI project, such as: Data Science, Deep Learning and Design Thinking.


    This training is open to ALL! No technical knowledge is required. Your curiosity and your desire to learn will be enough!


    • This 7-hour course is offered mainly face-to-face in Paris, in the 15th arrondissement (unless otherwise specified), and sometimes in Webinar (to be accessed from the Chrome browser).
    • Face-to-face, training generally takes place on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with breaks, including one for lunch, which is not provided.
    • To ensure the active participation of everyone, the number of places is limited to 12 people per session.
    • The next available session (date, time, method of face-to-face participation or webinar) is displayed under the blue button “take this training”. If no session is offered, contact us via the page: Contact.
    • Please plan to arrive a few minutes early. Practical access information will be communicated to you on this page, after your registration.
    • For the practical case, equip yourself with:
      • a computer on which you can install software
      • the Chrome browser
      • a Gmail account, essential to access certain Google Cloud tools
    • Before registering, if you wish to discuss your training needs, please formulate them from form accessible from this link
    • For any request for information, especially for people with disabilities, please consult us via the page: Contact.


    • Introduction to artificial intelligence (AI)
      • What is artificial intelligence?
      • AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science.
      • Why use AI and how does it work?
    • Presentation of AI use cases
      • Computer vision.
      • Natural language processing.
      • Autonomous cars.
      • Chatbots.
    • Practical case “Louvre museum”

      Step into the shoes of an AI engineer and “train” an image classifier to distinguish Cubism from Impressionism for a mission entrusted to you by the Director of Louvre museum!

      • Data collection.
      • Training the AI ​​model.
      • Analysis of the results of the trained AI:
        • How is the error calculated?
        • The decision threshold, precision and recall.
        • The impact of false positives and false negatives.
        • The confusion matrix and error analysis.
    • Presentation of the AI ​​ecosystem
      • What is an API and how do I use it?
      • Existing AI APIs.
      • The current offer and the players in AI.
      • How to build an ML solution?
    • Introduction to related disciplines
      • Deep Learning to make predictions.
      • Data Science to create value from data.
      • Design Thinking to design a user-centric AI.
    • Self-assessment quiz of the knowledge acquired to obtain your training certificate.


    This training was designed and is led by Camilo Rodriguez : trainer in engineering schools, consultant and developer in Artificial Intelligence.

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